Birthday Messages for Friends And Family

Published: 24th May 2011
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To properly celebrate birthdays of close relatives and friends, we want to use special words that share our joy for them and that express our feelings appropriately. Below, find a collection of funny, insightful, and joyful birthday messages and quotes that will capture the moment in celebrating special birthdays with laughter and love.

I truly Wish you a year full of joy and love. Luke Samler

The way to stay young is to live simply, eat carefully, and fib about one's age.

Within each aged person is a youthful person trying to figure out what occurred. John Hamms

To fight frailty of old age you should utilize equal parts body, mind, and heart - and to maintain them in parallel vitality you must exercise, learn, and love.

Old people will believe anything; the middle-aged people distrust everything; the youngsters think they know everything.

Time might be the greatest healer, but it is a horrible beautician. Phil Berlin

Always remember, that sun rises again tomorrow, which is another day.

How old would one be if one didn't realize how old one is? Ellen Pages

The notion that being young is the best time of one's life is based on false assumption.

The happiest people are ones who conceive the most engaging thoughts, and who get happier as they get older.

One day you will come to the realization that the initial signs getting older; it occurs at the moment you step outside onto the streets and notice for the first time how youthful the policemen appear to look. Tom Tolls

We are just so fond of each other, partly because it happens to be that our ailments are almost all the same.

Nobody becomes 40 without a healthy dose of disbelief and outrage.

Always remember to steer your life by dreams and hopes of one's youth. -Elswago

An individual is usually shocked when he hears himself referred to as an elder man the first time it happens. John James

How is it that the birthday cake is the one food that you are allowed to blow and spit on and that everybody runs to receive a piece of? Henry Smith

With every birthday, we suck up our pride and go forward a little more humble as well as a little more hopeful. -Sam Worthsen

For some reason, birthdays just keep happening to me. Agnes Ames

The one time you truly live life to the fullest is from the ages of thirty to sixty. The youth are merely slaves to their dreams; the aged are servants to their regrets. The middle-aged hold all their five senses while keeping all of their wits about them. Hervey Allen

For your birthday, I wish you a happy day and want you to remember that you are loved by each of your friends.

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